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Active shooter crimes are a top risk for corporate businesses

The Evolution of Risk and Why You are More Vulnerable Today

Your organization is being threatened, and you may not be safe. Risk prevention has always been a fundamental ...
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5 Revolving Door Safety Tips to Avoid Injury with Public Users

Revolving doors create modern entrances that reduce energy and save businesses space. But, as with any ...
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After the Breach: Damage Control and Complying with Regulations

No one wants to hear, “Our facility was breached,” yet physical breaches can and do happen. Whether it was ...
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Many educational facilities employ students to man entrances

Safeguarding Students in Educational Environments

Many people in the business industry have long been aware of the importance of overall building security, and ...
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Iris Recognition_IrisID iCam

Types of Biometric Authentication Devices and Integration with Security Entrances

Here at Boon Edam, we manufacture security doors and turnstiles that integrate with virtually any access ...
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Finding Balance with Security_1 MB

Security Barriers: Finding the Balance Between Throughput, Safety and Security

Turnstiles and security revolving doors are designed to work smoothly and seamlessly so that people can walk ...
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