Active Shooter

Vandal-Resistant Glass in Security Revolving Doors and Mantrap Portals Protect Against Intruders Attempts to Gain Access

Clearing Things Up: How Does Glass Make a Difference in Security Doors?

Security revolving doors and mantrap portals have never been more popular due to their ability to prevent ...
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The Global Cost of Terrorism

The threat of terrorism is something which has escalated in recent years and now sits squarely in the ...
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Mitigating Protests, Smart Mobs and Crime with Manual Revolving Doors

It is no secret that we’re living in a time of great unrest. The news is laden with headlines publicizing ...
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Best Active Shooter Policy: Security Revolving Doors or Turnstiles?

Active shooters are meticulous planners with an “MO” of going inside buildings to seek out targets. An ...
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Boon Edam Security Doors with Biometric Devices

Active Shooter Safety: 4 Things Your High Security Entrances Must Have

According to a study completed by the FBI, from 2000 to 2018, there were 2,430 casualties as a result of mass ...
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Physical Security Planning: What's Your Active Shooter Response?

At any given security tradeshow, around 80% of the exhibits focus on video surveillance and access control ...
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