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Sliding doors or Revolving doors

Revolving Door vs Sliding Door: What's Best for Your Building?

The entrance of a building plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable indoor climate and protecting ...
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Retrofit a manual or automatic revolving door

What is a Retrofit? The Benefits of Upgrading Your Revolving Door

Revolving doors have been a popular choice for commercial and public buildings for decades. They are known ...
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Why Keyless Security Is the Security of the Future

Traditional keys are an outdated technology. The first key is thought to have been invented in the 6th ...
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Orbit TriSens Revolving-Sliding Door

Revolutionising the Revolving Door: Introducing the Orbit TriSens.

For more than 140 years we have been creating and offering advanced entryway solutions to everyday problems. ...
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Top 4 Warehousing Security Challenges & How to Solve Them

Warehouses are of vital importance in keeping various stock and inventory secure. But unfortunately, the fact ...
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cleaning door handle

How to Maintain Your Office Doors Effectively

The entrance to your building and subsequent doorways need to operate at maximum efficiency at all times.
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Smart Connected Buildings. Image Source: Adobe Stock

Why Smarter Buildings are Safer Buildings Post-Covid

While previously thought of as something futuristic in nature, the world of smarter buildings is undoubtedly ...
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Image Source: Adobe Stock

Top 5 Security Tips to Help with the Return to the Office.

Returning to the office post-pandemic is a prospect that garners mixed responses - while many can't wait to ...
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Fingerprint Scanner. Image Source: Adobe Stock

The Top Physical Security Predictions For 2022

While physical security has been evolving for many years, the last couple have forced a rather dramatic push. ...
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Authentication by Facial Recognition. Biometric Security System

The Top 5 Facial Recognition Trends Happening Right Now

Biometric facial recognition has been booming in the last few years, becoming increasingly popular across the ...
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