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Top 5 Security Tips to Help with the Return to the Office.

Returning to the office post-pandemic is a prospect that garners mixed responses - while many can't wait to ...
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The Top Physical Security Predictions For 2022

While physical security has been evolving for many years, the last couple have forced a rather dramatic push. ...
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Authentication by Facial Recognition. Biometric Security System

The Top 5 Facial Recognition Trends Happening Right Now

Biometric facial recognition has been booming in the last few years, becoming increasingly popular across the ...
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Does Manned Security Still Have a Place in our New Digital Age?

The world is ever-changing. Innovation abounds, with new technologies popping up left, right, and centre. And ...
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Bluetooth card reader security speed gates

Why Bluetooth Access Control is the Most Accessible Touchless Solution

Compared to the many other touchless security options for buildings, such as facial recognition and ...
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Revolving Door Reception Entrance Close Up

3 Factors to Consider When Specifying Reception Doors

Sometimes our clients aren’t aware of just how many possibilities are available when creating a bespoke ...
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7 Steps to the Right Entry Solution for your Building

The world of building design is an increasingly complex environment, where a wide variety of client ...
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Retail Crimes Impact on a Businesses Bottom Line

The UK is renowned for its high street with people visiting major cities to walk through the famous retail ...
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Incorporating Biometrics into Your Building’s Physical Security

Businesses, bank headquarters and government buildings need to implement the most robust and effective ...
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The Touchless Evolution | Recognising the Face of the Future

In our first blog, The Touchless Evolution, Luxury to Necessity, we brought you up to speed on the history of ...
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