[Podcast] What Are the Risks of a Tailgating Incident at Your Facility?

Most security professionals are aware of the term, “tailgating,” as it refers to an unauthorized user following an authorized user into a facility, usually by means of a swinging door. But do all these security professionals agree on the impact of tailgating, as well as the methods to effectively mitigate it? We were curious so we reached out via our social media channels to find out more.

Through our line of questioning, we found out some interesting information, like:

  • Over 50% of respondents believe a single breach due to tailgating could cost their organization anywhere from $500,000 up to “too high to measure.”
  • YET, 74% said they weren’t tracking or didn’t know if they were tracking tailgating incidents.

Discussing the Results of the Tailgating Survey

Tracie Thomas, Vice President of Marketing at Boon Edam, sat down with SDM Magazine’s Courtney Wolfe to discuss the results of this tailgating survey even further. The podcast discusses the results of the following questions and more:

  • What strategies do you believe are the most effective at curtailing tailgating?
  • Of those strategies, which do you have in place to mitigate unauthorized entry?
  • Are you recording tailgating occurrences?

The podcast also reveals the thoughts of security integrators and consultants, and how they are seeing end users addressing tailgating in the field.


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Briana Jones
Briana Jones joined Boon Edam in 2021 as the Marketing Manager. She is passionate about helping customers understand all they can about entrances to create the best solution for their needs.