Can You Imagine a World Without Automatic Doors?

As a partner with AAADM (The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers), we are celebrating “National Automatic Door Day” on March 19, 2021.

Automatic doors have truly changed the world since the first installed automatic door in 1960 (which quickly launched a new industry). We’ve come a long way. Can you imagine the world without them?

  • No dedicated entrances for those in wheelchairs or other special needs.
  • Manual swinging doors and shopping carts? That would be a struggle!
  • No automatic doors at hospitals for surgical rooms, or, a quick entrance during an emergency.
  • Airports and rolling bags! Need I say more?
  • Security doors and turnstiles – many use automation to mitigate tailgating today.
  • And the list goes on...

There are three key benefits of today’s automatic entrances over their manual counterparts:

  1. Universal Access for All People: Automatic entrances provide universal access for people with mobility issues and other physical differences.
  2. Touchless Entry: Due to the recent pandemic, “hands-free” entry while “social distancing” has become important for everyday life and commerce.
  3. Tailgating Mitigation: Most security entrances work automatically after a valid credential is presented – moving barriers to allow access and deny access to intruders.

Automatic Revolving Doors and Security Turnstiles

At Boon Edam, we produce several touchless, automatic revolving doors and security turnstiles to facilitate disabled access, increase general safety and security in all facilities and upgrade the overall user experience.

Whether it is an automatic revolving door at a prestigious hotel, touchless turnstiles in the lobby of a corporate headquarters building, or a hands-free security door on the employee-only entrance of a hospital… we have an entrance to fit the needs of all types of organizations.

Check out some photos of some of our top automatic entrance installations.

Architectural Newsletter_Revolving Door
Tourlock Security Revolving Door at Exxon with JC
Boon Edam Tourlock 120S Walla Walla
Tourlock and Circlelock doors
Boon Edam_Speedlane Swing Optical Turnstiles-2
Riverscape London Revolving Doors and Optical Turnstiles - Social
Heart of America

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Briana Jones
Briana Jones joined Boon Edam in 2021 as the Marketing Manager. She is passionate about helping customers understand all they can about entrances to create the best solution for their needs.