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The Top Physical Security Predictions For 2022

While physical security has been evolving for many years, the last couple have forced a rather dramatic push. We’ve seen more access control integration, more touchless entrance solutions, and the merging of manned and physical security. This boost of change and innovation looks set to remain – so what can we expect of 2022?

Let’s dive into our physical security predictions for the new year.

More Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. Image Source: Adobe Stock

Artificial Intelligence has been on the rise for many years now and, surprise surprise, it just keeps getting smarter. Every day, there are new applications for AI, and every day it significantly improves processes and makes our lives easier.

Physical security is no different. In 2022, we’ll see a further increase in the use of AI throughout a range of security solutions – particularly in video and alarm systems.

With AI-based video-verified alarms, deep learning algorithms are now able to accurately filter out the motion of shadows, cars, and trees so that they only detect human motion. False alarms have been a source of wasted time for security professionals around the globe, so this improvement will be a game-changer for many who will be able to rely on it going forwards.

Using cameras as business intelligence

With organised crime and looting seeing a general upward trend over the past ten years, we’ve recently seen the introduction of interactive, two-way video monitors in retail settings. The live feed and surveillance allows trained security personnel to communicate with store employees should they suspect an incident, ensuring safety and security by mitigating risk before the fact.

Further to this, we’ll see cameras used for business intelligence. Cameras have long been treated strictly as a security measure, but in 2022, video analytics will gain traction, being used to optimise space – whether retail or office space. Users will be able to gain insights into the flow of traffic and understand where key interactions happen, as well as what might need to change as a result.

Merging information security and physical security

Information and physical security will continue to intertwine into 2022. For too long, the two have been siloed from each other and treated as separate entities.

But with an increase in on-premise servers and networks, cyber security is at risk without physical security measures and vice versa. Facebook’s outage in October, for example, saw employees locked out of their own sites.

This intertwining will mean that high-level security positions begin to merge into roles that will require the assessment of both physical and informational risks. 

On that note, risk prediction and analysis are also on the rise for 2022, with video footage, access control usage, and cyber activity all being.

Smarter access control solutions

Boon Edam Facial Recognition

Access control has been one of the most important developments in physical security history aside from security doors. Now, businesses can integrate access control systems that utilise keychains, smartphones, and facial recognition. Of these methods, it’s the latter that we’ll see gain in popularity in 2022. 

The issue with keychains historically has been that they can be stolen or lost. Facial recognition and other biometric identification methods change that. 

No more fumbling to find your access card or keychain – users can simply scan their face or thumb and be allowed (or denied!) access. 

The evolution of revolving doors

Since the first revolving door, invented in 1881, they’ve come on in leaps and bounds. 

The core concept of revolving panels remains the same, but their energy efficiency, ease of use, and security potential has only increased. 

The ‘always open, always closed’ principle ensures that interior and exterior climates are separated, preventing the draught, dust, and noise from entering the building. Because of this, the amount of energy required to heat the building is dramatically reduced and the carbon footprint of a building significantly improved.

With sustainability a huge focus in 2022, we can expect an uptick in revolving door integration next year.

Boon Edam Tourniket Revolving Door

Furthermore, businesses no longer have to compromise on aesthetics when installing them. Revolving doors that once had to be applied with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach can be tailored to each individual building and fine-tuned to fit with existing aesthetics. 

They can also be integrated as part of an inclusive build approach. If a revolving door is your only means of access, what of wheelchair users? While some revolving doors of the past and other brands might be unusable by wheelchair users, our Tourniket, for example, can fold the door set away to let them through at the push of a button. 

The future of physical security must be inclusive and, fortunately, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of this.

Innovation at Boon Edam

We’ve always been ahead of the curve here at Boon Edam. 

When it comes to physical security, we help businesses secure their premises with a range of security doors, speed gates, and revolving doors - all of which can have access control systems easily integrated

We’ve been doing this for three generations, and we continue to innovate into 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting, game-changing products from us coming your way next year - you’ll want to be part of the revolution!


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