Why Are Optical Turnstiles Ideal Security Solutions for Lobbies?

Organizations across every vertical select optical turnstiles for effective lobby security. These solutions are ideal for fast employee access and processing authorized visitors. The demand for optical turnstiles continues to climb steadily year over year. Why?

Three Key Reasons Demand for Optical Turnstiles is Growing

When it comes to lobby security, optical turnstiles provide:

  1. Effective tailgating deterrence and detection
  2. Easy access control integration
  3. High aesthetics to fit into any lobby/building design.

The video below features VP of Marketing, Tracie Thomas, reviewing why the optical turnstile is a good fit for securing the lobby.

If you're interested in optical turnstiles for lobby security, you may be interested in another video that discusses our slim Speedlane Swing model and how it outperforms the competition. You can view that video by clicking here.

How to Select the Best Entrance for Your Unique Application

When it comes to securing entries across a corporate campus, it can be difficult to decide which entrance type will help you achieve your overall security goals. An interactive infographic allows you to see the appropriate entrance for all areas of a campus, such as the fenceline perimeter, employee-only entrance, lobbies and more. Click the icon below to download now!

Security Entrance Locations on a Corporate Campus

Briana Jones
Briana Jones joined Boon Edam in 2021 as the Marketing Manager. She is passionate about helping customers understand all they can about entrances to create the best solution for their needs.