Security Entrances and Biometric Access Control Devices

Organizations around the globe are making their buildings more secure by combining physical security entrances with biometric access control devices, ensuring only the right people are able to enter.

Either as a stand-alone or paired with a standard access control device, like a card or QR reader, biometric devices provide an advanced method for uniquely identifying authorized users based on a distinguished biological trait, like a fingerprint, face or hand geometry, or iris patterns. Authorizing users based on a biological trait further eliminates the risk of an unauthorized user gaining access to a building's secure areas. How? An employee badge can be stolen and used to enter through an entrance. Biometric devices ensure only those registered in the system can get through.

Vice President of Technology and Product Support, Kurt Measom, walks you through just a few of the ways we've seen biometric access control devices paired with security entrances for optimal security.

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Amy Coulter
Amy Coulter is the Senior Marketing Specialist at Boon Edam. She has been with the company since 2012.