[Podcast] Are You Making the Wrong Entry Decision for Your Security Goals?

Selecting security entrances for a building or campus is a big decision. Security doors and turnstiles are an investment, and a lot is at stake for the security manager who selects and executes security solutions at multiple entrances throughout a campus. The consequences of making a wrong entry decision could range from punishment and distrust among staff members, all the way to loss of employment.

But, fear not. You are not alone when devising an entrance strategy to align with your organization’s overall security goals. Entry experts can assist a security manager in selecting doors and turnstiles that will mitigate the specific risks to their organization, as well as consider the people (guards, reception staff) and process (how to respond to an incident) necessary to support the entry.

Selecting Security Entrances: Avoid Added Headaches & Money

Boon Edam’s own JC Powell, VP of Sales, and Brian Marshall, Regional Sales Director, have worked a collective 20 years in the security industry. And they’ve seen organizations select the wrong security entrance solution for their overall security goals, both before and, sadly, after the installation. Fortunately, most of these companies eventually landed on the best security entrance for each area of their facilities, but not after some added headache and money.

You don’t have to make the same mistakes. Listen to a podcast as JC and Brian discuss:

  • The three levels of security entrance capabilities – Deter, Detect & Prevent
  • How each level fits best into an overall physical security strategy
  • Three main implications for consideration when selecting an entrance
  • Case studies showcasing organizations that selected the wrong entrances before landing on the right ones

STARTSS: Helping You Win the Long Game with Security Entrances

JC Powell
JC Powell started with Boon Edam in 2011 as a Territory Sales Manager for the Southwest region and is now the Vice President of Sales for the Americas. He has been in the security industry for over 15 years. JC resides in Dallas, TX with his wife and 4 children.