Maximize ROI by Including Service in Your Purchase Decision: 9 Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy

It’s the seventh installment of our S.T.A.R.T.S.S. blog series. This series was created to help you make the best decision when choosing security entrances. To see the introduction to the S.T.A.R.T.S.S. blog series, please click here.

Today we’re exploring: Service. A factor that if overlooked could result in unexpected financial consequences and long-term headache.

Considering Day-to-Day Entrance Management Up Front

For security managers looking for the best access and entrance solutions for their facilities, the priority is to find the most secure solution to best prevent unauthorized entry. The perspective of these decision makers is influenced significantly by this requirement, as it should be – since security is their charter and the basis of their job function.

And so, by definition, consideration of the actual day-to-day management of security entrances – including the service which is provided by the local dealer or installer – may become something of an afterthought.

However, it is important to be aware that not all providers offer the same level of service and support. Over the life of a security entrance, this can have a substantial influence on the total cost of operations (TCO), both for the entrance itself and, in a number of ways, for the organization as a whole.

The Impact of an Out of Order Entrance

If a security entrance goes out of service for any reason, it can be highly disruptive and costly from several perspectives. The same number of employees and visitors still need to enter and exit, so traffic may stack up at other secure entrances. Not only does this inconvenience people, it also has a somewhat negative effect on the overall image of the organization.An out of order security entrance leaves a company at risk for tailgating and the associated liabilities

If non-secure doors must be opened to enable smoother throughput, you will probably want to hire one or more security guards to check credentials – yet another cost to the organization. The opening of additional entry points into the facility could also make it easier for an unauthorized individual to slip through, increasing the potential for risk, theft and liability. The longer the security entrance is out of service, the more the costs mount and the greater the risk of additional negative outcomes.

Clearly it is of paramount importance to minimize any downtime. For this reason, you cannot overlook service as a factor when considering which security entrance to purchase and install in your facility.

Ask These 9 Questions About Service

Since the day-to-day operations of your entrances will become the responsibility of the Facility Manager, it is critical that they be involved throughout the purchase decision process. The following list of questions will help in making direct comparisons between different manufacturers and installers.


  1. What type of technical support is provided to assist an on-site or outside service technician to accelerate troubleshooting and fixing a down entrance?
  2. Do you offer videos, phone support or troubleshooting guides?

Interactive Troubleshooting Guides from Boon Edam help accelerate service

Replacement parts:

  1. How quickly can parts arrive at a job site to fix an issue?
  2. Are the parts coming from the USA or overseas?
  3. What rate of same-day parts fulfillment does the manufacturer offer?


  1. Where are service technicians located?
  2. Are they local to the job site, or will it take hours for them to reach the site in the event of an emergency?


  1. Does the manufacturer offer preventative planned maintenance agreements?
  2. Will they train on-site staff on daily maintenance routines?

There are many features and benefits to consider when making your decision about which security entrances will best fit your needs. By including service as a fundamental element in your consideration, you can make a choice that will a ensure many years of useful life and maximum return on investment (ROI).

STARTSS Decision Methodology for making the most well-rounded security entrance decision

Kevin Thomasson
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