Fighting Cyber Attacks with Physical Security

Boon Edam Limited Blog | 21.June 2018

The security sector has become an incredibly influential and prosperous environment to be concerned with.  As technology continually develops and evolves, the need for more security integrations has naturally increased, while technology brings change and opportunity for businesses and individuals, it also poses more security threats than ever before.

From hacking to malicious malware, it can be difficult to keep businesses safe from cyber threats. As hackers and those alike become bolder in their techniques to gain access to sensitive information, it becomes more likely that cyber-attacks can happen inside your company’s very building. But how can we fight cyber threats with physical security measures?

Technology Meets Physical Products

Securing Access to a Building

The importance of protecting company information from a technology standpoint is vital, but limiting the access to a building can be just as effective regarding the prevention of cybersecurity threats. Due to the common availability of building security solutions becoming interlinked with one another, unauthorised individuals who have gained access to the building can use their physical access to get to a computer linked to the company’s system, leading to a cyber-attack. 

Preventing unauthorised access to a building and property within it can be simple through the implementation of access products, which can act as entry deterrents. Thinking about securing a building through a layering technique allows for multiple levels of security, from low too high to be used in sequence. Areas that demand absolute confidentiality can place high-security products such as security doors or portals as an entry solution. More common areas that must consider user movement and traffic times can introduce lower security products such as security lanes or turnstiles.

Locking Down a Building Correctly

Good practice has taught those whose role it is to make sure buildings are secured, that brief, unstructured inspections around the workplace are not enough to guarantee the safety of data and equipment. Now that almost all offices within the UK have multiple devices connected to a secured network, there is a requirement to go through a locking down procedure at the end of the working day.

Disconnecting devices that are on a secured network can be a viable solution to help in the process of preventing cybersecurity breaches by protecting company data through physical actions. Training of employees and authorised users regarding the end of day shutdowns can be compiled within a company practice helping in the reductions of information being accessed from desktops within supposedly secured areas. 

Increasing Building Visibility

Visibility is a key contributing factor to ensuring the overall security of a building. Being able to locate the breach and view it later is something which can be integrated within physical security products or as an addon. Integrating monitoring and image capturing software within the building whether that be through CCTV or movement sensors it becomes a lot easier to keep control of the building out of hours, 24hrs a day.

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