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Creating a welcoming entrance for hotels, what’s the best solution?

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2011 the UK had approximately 38,000 Hotels and similar establishments compiled from VisitEngland, VisitWales, VisitScotland, and NI Tourism Board data. Interestingly, a 2015 PwC report forecasting hotel activity in the UK states that currently demand for hotel rooms continues to outpace supply growth and supply was expected to continue in 2016. The hotel industry is also facing pressures from the increase in alternative accommodation such as serviced apartments, hostels and networks such as Airbnb.

To this end, when designing or refurbishing a hotel is it possible to distinguish one hotel from another and express the atmosphere of the hotel? It is important to note first impressions count and the entrance to a hotel is often the indicator guests will receive when they arrive of the quality and character of the establishment and therefore the entrance solution is an important component to the hotel lobby. The hotel entrance should generate a welcoming feel, transport them into their new environment and provide a free passage to all visitors. Boon Edam suggest that the requirements of all visitors to the hotel should be considered when choosing the appropriate entrance solution whilst not compromising on style and quality.

What type of visitor will be using the entrance?

A hotel can attract visitors from all over the world and users with a variety of needs. Disabled, children, business travellers, groups of people or individuals; everyone wants unimpeded access to the property. But not only visitors, but is the main entrance also used to supply the hotel or will large items need to pass through the entrance without hindrance?

How many visitors want to enter the premises at a peak time, through entrance lobby?

Have you experienced queuing to check in to a hotel and every time the doors open a flood of cold air sweeps through the hotel lobby? Or maybe trying to pull open a heavy manual door with a suitcase in hand? Consider how guests will feel when they use the entrance to your hotel and how the flow of people into the hotel lobby can be controlled for comfort and ease. For example, if a bus arrives at the hotel with a large volume of guests after a long journey and they try to get into the lobby at once but also visitors are also trying to exit the hotel through the same entrance it creates an uncomfortable first impression. With the right entrance solution, several entrance and visitor flow issues can be rectified. Maybe a sliding door is sufficient as an entrance but this could still lead to wind tunnel issues through the lobby. Boon Edam offers many revolving door solutions to suit different visitor flow rates and aesthetics requirements. Products such as the Duotour offers a combination of sliding and revolving in a single door, combining them to create a draft-free entrance solution and a sliding function that large groups of people get quick and easy access to a hotel.

There is a reception or a lobby behind the entrance?

In many hotels there is a waiting area behind the entrance where guests can wait until they are received. That can be in the form of a lobby with a reception and an area where people can sit. To ensure a warm welcome in such an area utilise a revolving door or Circleslide door which has the elegant rounded look of a revolving door but has two sets of curved automatic sliding door to help create a draft-free entrance area.

The entrance is also an escape route?

In an environment such as a hotel where many people stay, it is important that everyone in the building can evacuate the building in an emergency as soon as possible. Revolving doors can utilise pass doors or collapsible door sets to ensure free egress in the event of an emergency.

Is there a 24-hour reception?

Depending on whether there is a 24-hour reception, you can choose to secure the entrance during the day or at night by connecting a Boon Edam entrance product to an access control system therefore controlling which guests can have access to the hotel whilst the reception is unmanned during out-of-hours.

Hotels Chongqing Sheraton Hotel draaideur | Boon Edam

'Golden' revolving door

Depending on the type of hotel you may want to create a certain image. This entrance is luxurious, decedent and yet accessible creating a very impressive solution. The design of an entrance should radiate the corporate brand and identity of the hotel and make ensure the guests immediately understand what they can expect behind the entrance. Aesthetic options such as colour and materials can help create a 'woweffect' entrance making it stand out as a landmark in the façade.

Example projects hotels

Aesthetically there are many more possibilities, below is several projects where Boon Edam has worked with clients to create the perfect entrance solution.

Fletcher Hotel, Amsterdam

Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam has an all-glass facade that shields the massive exterior of curved windows. This makes the building a distinctive, independent and transparent. The entrance is equipped with an energy-saving revolving door and fits perfectly into the round facade and in the form of the building.

Fletcher hotel Amsterdam | Boon Edam

The Berkeley Hotel, London

The 5-star Berkeley Hotel in London utilises wood in the drum wall of the revolving door creating a stylish and modern entrance used in combination an all-glass door set and modern lighting to create a bespoke entrance to the hotel.

Berkeley Hotel Londen draaideur | Boon Edam

Peninsula Hotel, Paris

The luxurious 5-star Peninsula Hotel in Paris chose a Crystal Tourniket revolving door with a black design. The large windows have the same black construction so that they fit in seamlessly with the design of the in the façade.

Péninsula Hotel Parijs tourniquetdeur | Boon Edam

Radisson Hotel Chongqing, China

The Radisson Hotel in Chinese city of Chongqing has more than 300 rooms and therefor needed an entrance door with high throughput capacity, namely the Duotour. The spacious compartments in the door ensure that sufficient space is provided for guests with suitcases. The bronze details in the facade of the hotel are replicated in the special bronze stainless steel used to construction the revolving door.

Chongqing Radisson Hotel China tourniquetdeur | Boon Edam

Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm

The Tourniket revolving door at the Waterfront Hotel has an extra high hood with special LED lighting. The yellow LED lights, is combined with the design to represent looking up at the sun.

LED verlichting in de tourniquetdeur Waterfront Hotel | Boon Edam

The best entrance solution for hotels and restaurants is entirely dependent on the size of the building, the type of visitor and the required person capacity. Boon Edam endeavours to deliver future proof, customised entrance solutions by working with designers and hotel owners from concept to installation using our expertise and knowledge built up over 140 years of experience in creating quality engineered entrance products. 

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Ian Goldsmith
Ian Goldsmith has been a loyal employee of Boon Edam Limited, for many years and is currently Head of Sales for the United Kingdom. Ian began his journey at Boon Edam back in 1993, starting as a Regional Sales Manager, since then he has developed the knowledge for all areas of the UK subsidiary in sales and specification roles helping to mold the UK subsidiary to what it is today.